Mehanično mini dvigalo MES

Manual mini lifts for work in offices, libraries and administration

Manual mini lifts such as the MES, lift boxes containing files or books and other items quickly and easily.

  • Up to 200 kg load capacity
  • Lift height up to 1.7 m
  • Compact and agile, easy to manoeuvre even in confined spaces
  • Can be positioned under racks and cabinets
  • Easy running PU castors
  • Easy to clean PVC platform
  • Locking brakes at both swivel castors

MES mini lift

Boxes that contain files or books, or books and files that are placed directly on the plastic platform, can be lifted to a comfortable, ergonomic working height with a manual mini lift, so that they can be sorted into archives or shelves in a back-friendly way. The manual hand crank drive of the MES mini lift is smooth and effortless to use. A restraining mechanism prevents the platform from sliding down unintentionally.

Model MES100-15 MES200-15
Lastnosti Ročno dvigalo
Ročno dvigalo
Nosilnost (Q) 100 kg 200 kg
Dvižna višina (h) 133 mm - 1,500 mm 133 mm - 1,500 mm
Dimenzije delovne površine (lxw) 470 x 600 mm 470 x 600 mm
Višina (h) 1,830 mm 1,930 mm
Skupna teža (kg) 48 kg 62 kg

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